Sweet Pickins Décor Boutique 

“You will love this place” We promise! 

SWEET PICKINS is an Eclectic Multi-Dealer Marketplace, made up of 65+ Local Artistic Dealers who RESTYLE, REFUNK, and REPURPOSE.  Our Artisans transform unwanted discards into delightfully splendid, affordable Home Furnishings to enhance your Home.   

PLEASE!!  Do not mistake SWEET PICKINS for the Antique Shops of Ole.  You know the ones, you walk in the front door and it is Dark, Dusty, Dingy, and smells like old dead people…. or at least, old dead people’s things…NO, we are just the opposite.  

We cherish that our customers are always telling us how much they LOVE our shop.  They appreciate that it is bright, sunny, clean, and uncluttered with a positive vibe of Heavenly Bliss that keeps our customers coming back.  Our dealers add fresh merchandise every single day.  Our prices are so on par. 

Sweet Pickins is also HOME to Paint~Slingers: Our DIY Paint Studio Workshop.  We typically offer weekly classes, workshops, & bootcamps.!  Come and have some fun while Learning a new skill. (click here for current schedule)  

We also offer Private workshop classes for Birthday Parties, work parties, Bachelor Parties, child birthday day parties, Private parties, etc.  

At SWEET PICKINS you will find ALL THINGS FABULOUS:  Home Décor, Gifts, & so much more in the following Popular Genres, including Coastal, Farmhouse, Architectural, Industrial, Mid-Mod, Shabby, Antiques, Cottage, Hollywood Glam, BOHO, Vintage, Painted Furniture, etc. (For an extensive sampling of what we may carry at any given time please click here.)  

Sweet Pickins is a Dixie Belle Paint Co. Elite ~ Retailer as well as a Fusion Complete Retailer offering all their products to ignite inspiration in your DIY spirit!  Please stop by… You Will LOVE this place!  Sweet Pickins is a destination  not to be missed.   

Desirable Antiques, Farmhouse, Coastal, Nautical, Garden, Crusty Rusty, Painted Furniture, Shabby, Prims, Artisan crafts, Custom, Mid Mod, Yard décor, Vintage clothes, designer clothes, purses, lighting, cottage, architectural, salvage,  holiday, collectibles, fishing, hunting, wall art, man cave, she shed, crystals, geodes, comics, concert tees, ephemera, art deco, art nouveau, cute tchotchke, soaps, creams, candles, records, anything with dogs, most anything with animals, oddities, peculiars, bronze items, sculptures, statues, cement items, wooden carved items, musical instruments, sterling, gold, old engineering and scientific instruments, quackery, old scales, cloches, antique shoes & clothes, old signs, pet clothes, children’s clothing, industrial, trains, old photos, old cameras, collectible knives, guns, religious artifacts and items, books, antiquities, estate items, Lanai furniture, old colorful bottles, man cave, old linens, old coins, pin up girls, gasoline items, old advertising, old motorcycle items, new motorcycle items, Harley stuff,  old porcelain signs, old automobile items, antique toys, marvel items, movie keepsakes, sports stuff, aviation, hot wheels, embroidery,  board games, puzzles, watches, memorabilia, cast iron, door stops, book ends, s & p shakers, Pyrex, Vaseline glass, rare and interesting depression glass, signed estate jewelry, and so much more. 

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