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Gabrielle Chocolates and Confections

Leslie DePaulis

About Me

Instagram:  @Gabrielle-Chocolates

Business Website:  Gabrielles—Chocolates

Facebook:  Gabrielle Chocolates

Phone Number:  239-989-3576

We provide handcrafted chocolates for all occasions, events, and holidays.  The chocolate we use is “fair-trade” and responsibly sourced to ensure that farmers can support their families while protecting our environment.

Our custom chocolates are created in milk, dark, and white, and can be packaged according to your preferences.

Having worked in a chocolate shop for 2 years, I gained the knowledge to utilize my creativity.  It is pure joy bringing sweetness into someone’s day.  I needed to spread my wings and decided to open my own business.  I love challenging myself by creating different flavors and products. 

Some of our more popular confections include: Turtles with either cashews and/or pecans, Snack Attack made with peanuts, pretzels, and potato chips-The super treat Salty & Sweet!  Our sea salt caramels are smooth and creamy, another fan favorite. 

Show your appreciation or welcome someone to their new home with a gift box/basket filled with a delicious assortment of our confections!